Vision, Mission and Strategy

"Life is the sum of all your choices." - Albert Camus

  • To Provide and Sustain a Comfortable Lifestyle, Quality Education , Personal Experiences and Memories for the people I come into contact with.

  • Self - Being Honest, Open, Hard-Working, Take Risks in both my Personal life and Professional career.

  • Family: Having Open and Honest Communication and spending "QUALITY" time with Family Members and Friends.

  • Career: To become the "BEST" at what I do both in my personal life and professional career.

  • Take "TIME-OUT" to enjoy life and reflect on successes and areas of improvement.

  • Time Management , Organization, and Planning Skills that I can teach to others.

  • Spiritual Life To continue to publish articles about spirituality in the workplace and assist my church in training, development and growth opportunities.